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Our Story

In many ways, Baska Foods has been in the making for many years now. With constant food discussions at the dinner table, planning travel around food, feeling happiest when we cook together and having years of recipes and food notes gathered as treasures - Baska Foods is a natural next step for us.

At its heart, Baska Foods is our way of sharing generations worth of passion and love for food, with you.

Our Journey So Far
At every stage of our lives, personal and professional, we find ourselves most excited when we discuss food. Over 12 years ago on a sunny afternoon in London, over a scoop of gelato, the idea of our food journey was born.

In 2007, we launched a project as an endeavour to introduce gelato to the city of Ahmedabad and to indulge in what we enjoy most – food and travel. This decade in the food industry has been an exceptionally exciting journey, and now we look onward and upward to our next chapter – taking forward the food legacy we chanced upon creating through our venture.

It has been our constant endeavour to offer top quality food, and this has resulted in dedicated R&D for traditional recipes over the years. Some of these home developed recipes have been loved and embraced beyond our wildest imaginations – and went on to become signatures.

Today, we strive to bring these products and more to you through delivery and retail channels, while continuing to drive our venture with passion and love.

With this, we bring to you BaskaFoods.

Baska Foods - Life Made Easier

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